Bask in the Music creator and writer Alex Baskin grew up listening to and researching classic rock music and artists at every possible moment, and dreamed that one day she would have the courage to pick up a guitar and actually attempt to play it.  Then in the Spring of 2011, she finally decided to put it all to good use – packed up her laptop, walked to the nearest Starbucks, sat down and started to type. By December, all of this time spent writing and immersing herself into the world of music was transformed into a blog that others just like her could come and discuss the very music she grew up loving.

Her writing mostly focuses on and specializes in the rock genre (alternative, indie, grunge, psychedelic, punk, etc.), although she is a fan of all different kinds of music. She is an avid concert-goer, loves to play the guitar, spends approximately 8 hours a day listening to music, and is constantly researching existing talent and hunting for new talent to listen to and write about.

*   If you or someone you know is either a solo artist or in a band with serious potential, please email Alex directly at baskinthemusic@gmail.com.  Include a web page link, or even so much as a video and some basic information.  If she’s feelin’ it, she’ll blog it.


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