Jimi Thing

No guitar master will ever be able to teach anyone about the guitar in 100 years what he taught the world in 27.

Happy Birthday, Jimi-man.


Not Just Your Average Teen Mom

With all the craziness going on in New York these past five days, I have had some serious down time. Luckily for me, I did not lose electricity or access to the interwebs, so I spent much of the two days confined to my Upper East Side apartment online, searching for cool,  new bands to write about. I came across one band on “We Are Hunted”, whose sound I found particularly interesting.

The band: Teen Mom; the song: “I Wanna Go Out”. Take a listen below.

The trouble is, now that I’m hooked on this song, I can’t find very much additional info on these guys. Only from their band Facebook page I learned that they’re currently in Washington, D.C.,  and its three members (Chris Kelly, Tom MacWright and Sean Dalby) came together when Kelly crashed MacWright and Dalby’s 4th of July party. They have been a band since March 2011. If you go to their website, you find it supplies limited information about the trio as well, but does give you a listen to another song called “You and Me”, which is also pretty rad.

So, Teen Mom – Reach out to Bask in the Music… We want to know (and hear) more!